from across the pond

Interesting to go over the BBC's top entertainment stories from 2006 and see what amusing stuff we Americans have totally missed or had a lesser fascination with.

I've read about the guerrilla artist Banksy in the Times and in Wired but he's not exactly a household name here. And Richard Hammond? Who's that?

The most amusing story I had never heard of before is that of the 'wrong Guy' being interviewed on BBC News. A Congolese man by the name of Guy Goma was at the BBC studios for a job interview. When a producer came out and asked for an IT expert named Guy Kewney who was to talk about the Apple vs Apple court case, the receptionist pointed to Guy Goma and he was actually put on the air live! You have got to watch this!

The expression on his place when the interviewer started introducing him! "I am very surprised..." indeed! But why did I feel so mean LOL?