before switching to the New Blogger...

pissed at google coz they kept nagging me to switch to the new blogger, esp after they took it out of beta. well, not only did i find the new blogger still glitchy, it also didn't allow me to publish to an external ftp site

If you want to publish to an external FTP server, you will need to Set 'Blog Readers' to 'Anybody' and use a Classic Template.

why didn't they frickin' tell me that before i had spent hours customizing my new layout and falling in love with it?

was so mad i actually considered migrating to wordpress and typepad, but jesus what a frickin' hassle

then there's word they've already invited a limited number of users to try out external ftp publishing. so it's not technically impossible or done out of a wish to embargo content on blogspot, it's that they prefer not to open up features to everyone until they've ironed out all the kinks

thank god it's new year's eve. i won't even remember tomorrow this foul mood i'm in

have a blast tonight, everyone!