110th Congress convenes

Pelosi breaks through marble ceiling?

a record 71 female representatives when she takes over as speaker, giving women 16% of seats in the house

Women make up a larger share of the national legislature in China, Cuba, North Korea and Vietnam... even Afghanistan and Iraq!

Jeanette Rankin, R-MT
- the first woman elected to the House (four years before the 19th Amendment!)

Rebecca Latimer Felton, D-GA
- the first woman to serve in the Senate
- appointed to fill a vacant seat, served only two days

Nellie Tayloe Ross, D-WY
- the first woman governor
- elected to replace her deceased husband

Rep. Mae Ella Nolan, R-CA
- the first woman to chair a congressional committee (on expenditures in the Post Office Department)

Sen. Hattie Wyatt Caraway, D-AR
- appointed to the Senate to succeed her deceased husband
- later became the first woman elected to the Senate