2006 Word of the Year

It was going to be either plutoed or climate canary (Word of the Year being a "vocabulary item" that can also be a phrase, according to the American Dialect Society).

And the winner is... "plutoed," as in to pluto or demote something or someone.

Runners-up: macaca, murse (a man's purse), surge (increase in troops), prohibited liquids, flog, YouTube

Most Useful Word: climate canary
Runners-up: data Valdez (accidental release of a large quantity of private info), flog, sharrow, boomeritis

Most Creative: lactard (lactose-intolerant)
Runners-up: Fed-Ex (as in K-Fed), to julie (Love Boat origin), snowclone

Most Unnecessary: SuriKat (the offspring)
Runners-up: the decider, Fox lips (the type you see on Fox News)

Most Outrageous: Cambodian accessory (Jolie's adopted child)
Runners-up: firecrotch, macaca, tramp stamp, sudden jihad syndrome

Most Euphemistic: waterboarding
Runners-up: lancing (what they did to Lance Bass), lyric malfunction, surge

Most Likely to Succeed: YouTube as a verb
Runners-up: carbon (as in carbon neutral or carbon negative), decider, macaca moment, "man-fixes" (e.g., moobs, manboobs, murse, mancation, man crush, mammaries, menaissance)

Least Likely to Succeed: grup (a Gen-Xer who does not act his or her age -- ow! That's from Star Trek!)
Runners-up: pwn, stay the course

New Category: Pluto-Related Words (dwarf planet, pluto, small solar system body or SSSB)