And the Bocuse d'Or goes to...

Last night I was dinged by our European friends for not crediting SIRHA in my Bocuse post. Lighten up, guys! I did what you told me.

Any surprise in the winner of the $26,000 prize? None at all. The Golden Bocuse went to a Frenchman, Fabrice Desvignes, 33, who works at the French Senate as its No. 2 chef. Hey, it's French cuisine. They're naturally the masters.

Danish chef Rasmus Kofoed took home the Silver Bocuse. The Scandinavians always place in the top three. To them, this is bigger than American Idol.

The Bronze Bocuse went to Franck Giovannini of Switzerland.

I'd give my good leg to taste Bresse chicken, Norwegian white halibut and Norwegian red king crab, which were the three basic ingredients the contenders all had to work with for five and a half hours.

The judges were headed this year by the 2005 winner, French chef Serge Viera.

Maybe next time, Gavin...