AT&T Unity (of wireless and landline)

new "AT&T Unity" calling plan
- allows customers to call or receive calls for free from any AT&T wireless and wireline phone numbers nationwide without additional wireline usage fees or using their wireless Anytime minutes

calls must originate and terminate in the United States

exceptions to the freebies:
wireless voice mail calls, directory assistance calls, toll-free numbers, 900 numbers, international numbers, and "dial-around" numbers

rollover minutes are NOT part of the deal

On top of the monthly $60 "AT&T Unity" plan fee, customers must also pay around $50 per month for unlimited local and long distance landline service. A deal for SMALL BUSINESSES rather than individuals.

AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph)
- descendant of the Bell Company founded by Alexander Graham Bell
- the largest long distance carrier in the U.S.
- stock symbol T for telephone
- recent merger with BellSouth
- replacing Cingular brand name with AT&T