Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name

Cisco, the world's largest maker of network equipment and Silicon Valley's highest valued company in terms of market capitalization, has owned the trademark "iPhone" since 2000. Just a few weeks ago, it introduced a WiFi-based phone with the same name.

Apple says:
1. it's entitled to use the name iPhone because the products are materially different
2. there are already several other companies using the name iPhone for VoIP products

Third parties agree: Cisco's lawyers should find something better to do with their time

More on the iPhone
- will be available with a single carrier, Cingular Wireless
- the $499 version four gigabytes of storage; the $599 version 8 GB
- special applications from both Google and Yahoo
- able to use both services’ search and e-mail services as well as a custom version of Google Maps

NB: Apple Computer has dropped “computer” from its name and is Apple Inc. henceforth