George Stephanopoulos surges to Number 2

The latest ratings results show that George Stephanopoulos has overtaken Bob Schieffer and 'Face the Nation' at CBS to place second among the network public affairs shows. (NBC's 'Meet the Press' with Tim Russert is still number one.)

George S took over 'This Week' in September 2002 and is now also ABC's chief Washington correspondent. Viewers of 'World News Tonight with Charles Gibson' get to see a lot of him too. (I don't tune in though, b/c I can't stand that cretin CG.)

Did you know that in 2005, ABC actually offered the 'This Week' gig to Ted Koppel as a way of keeping TK at the network? I respect TK's intelligence tremendously, but I'm glad he didn't end up taking over the show, b/c I adore George S and need him to jumpstart my Sunday mornings. He's focused and incisive, and he's fluent. You don't get distracted by verbal slip-ups or misuse of the language or of facts as you would when you listen to, say, Katie Couric or the others.

45 years old. birthday's coming up. February 10

summa cum laude in political science, Columbia College of Columbia University

master's degree in theology at Balliol College (Oxford) on a Rhodes scholarship

And please don't misspell his name. It's Stephanopoulos, not Stephanopolous or Stephanopolos. Gosh, I can't get it straight myself.

Congratulations, George S! A few more years and you'll displace Tim Russert. I'm sure of it.