Hillary has dealt with evil and bad men

Hillary Clinton was at a town meeting in Davenport, Iowa, yesterday when a man without a microphone asked her something barely audible to the rest of the room.

"Question was: What in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men?" Pregnant pause. Then packed hall erupts in laughter.

Later, when she was grilled by the press corps about it: "I thought I was funny, you know? You guys keep telling me, 'Lighten up. Be funny.' You know? I get a little funny and now I'm being psychoanalyzed."

Don't try too hard to be funny or fall into the Al Gore trap. (Memories of that kiss he gave Tipper still makes me want to throw up.)

Hillary Rodham
- the first presidential spouse to run for president
- the first woman to run for president and have a really good chance of winning

59 years old and married to an adulterer

grew up in the Chicago suburbs in a conservative Republican household

was a "Goldwater girl" in 1964

a Democrat by 1968

Wellesley College
law school at Yale (met Bill Clinton)

1974, worked on the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment investigation of Nixon

moved to Arkansas (married Mr Loose Dick in 1975)

1992 presidential campaign
- Gennifer Flowers scandal
- appeared with philandering husband on CBS' "60 Minutes" to do a "Stand by Your Man"

First Lady
- failed attempt to deal with health care
- Whitewater
- fundraising issues
- missing records
- profits from investment in cattle futures
- second "Stand by Your Man"

New York senator
- went on a listening tour of the state's 62 counties in order to get elected
- voted in 2002 to authorize military force in Iraq

January 20, 2007
- announced she's formally in the 2008 presidential race
"I'm in and I'm in to win."

And we're still having that conversation...