hottie numero uno is coming to Los Angeles

$250 million over five years. That's what convinced David Beckham to come to town.

Hope Landon Donovan doesn't take this personally and start using Propecia. Oh, we just needed someone for the hair.


the Beckham Rule of the MLS: the board of governors voted to relax salary restrictions and allow each team to sign one player for any amount; made specifically with David Beckham in mind

Beckham's migration route:
Manchester United -> Real Madrid -> Los Angeles Galaxy

played badly for England in last year’s World Cup -- even threw up in one game; in another, he hurt his leg and burst into tears

31 years of age

married to Victoria aka Posh Spice (she of the Spice Girls who is now looking forward to reviving her singing career in La-La Land)

"Posh and Becks" opened a soccer academy in 2005 at the Home Depot Center in Carson -- w/c is where LA Galaxy is based.

friends with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but only Posh Spice attended the TomKat wedding, b/c Real Madrid refused to let Beckham skip a game for it, then he spent that game on the bench