Ivanka absent from The Apprentice

Ivanka was nowhere to be seen last night on The Apprentice.

There was Marisa DeMato who looked nice and projected an aura of intelligence and capability, but her teammates were smarter in their strategy of banding together and unanimously pointing her out as the weakest link. Someone had to go, and the obvious target was the one putatively in charge of marketing. (If she really had been in charge, there would have been chicken mascots and the bowl would have been called Bravado.)

Sure, she should have festooned the place with banners and made the presentation of the new El Pollo Loco bowl more of an event, as the erstwhile basket case Arrow Team had done. But not one of her teammates spoke up about it during the day of the task. If they didn't think anything was amiss, then that evaluation contributed to the team's failure. If on the other hand they realized they were doing poorly and did not say anything... that's the equivalent of setting Marisa up.

Donald Trump made the only decision he could have given in a situation where the rest of the team all pointed to her. Marisa, you're fired!