Jobs unveiled... iPhone and Apple TV

Apple shares shot up when during his keynote address at Macworld, CEO Steve Jobs unveiled 2 new, really cool products:

all-in-one thin phone, web browser, iPod with a touchscreen, camera
- synchs any type of media or digital content you have on your computer (video, music, pictures, e-mail, web bookmarks...)
- less than half an inch thick (thinner than any phone on the market)
- has a 2-megapixel digital camera built into the back
- a slot for headphones and a SIM card

My thoughts: It's wider and shorter than I expected it to be. The concept pics circulating on the web had something sleeker with an iPod on a panel that slides up to reveal a typical phone. But based on what I saw on the site, the actual iPhone is better as it allows you to do everything (inc. phone-number and music selection) by simply touching the screen. Awesome...

Prices will start at $499 when it launches in June.

Apple TV
- allows you to watch on your TV the movies you've downloaded to your computer
- connects wirelessly to up to five computers
- 40-gigabyte hard drive stores up to 50 hours of video
- has an Intel processor
- available in February (pre-ordering now)
- $299, free shipping

You will need a widescreen TV, a computer (Mac or PC), a network and cables.

Am I buying it? Of course not! I have no disposable income. I still need to buy a new computer and even that I will have to finance. But if I could I would. Apple is just so unmatched when it comes to putting the customer first.

Shopping on their site, there's always a live person available to help you out. (I visited tonight to ask a few questions and even though you'd expect them to be swamped b/c of the MacWorld hoopla, there was no wait for an agent.)

And when my iPod broke (the Boy inadvertently pressed on it while getting out of bed), having it fixed was the easiest thing ever! Logged onto their website early one morning to tell them about it (automated procedure), and the very next day I received an empty box they sent with clear instructions and a secure container -- even tape for the box! Then I just phoned the delivery company (DHL) to come pick it up at a good time. After only a few days, a new iPod arrived -- at absolutely no cost to me, not even shipping. They didn't even care that it was the customer's fault that it broke!

In my book, Apple is number one in customer service.