Kerry not running!

John Kerry has just announced that he is not running for the presidency of these United States in 2008.

"...I have concluded this isn't the time for me to mount a presidential campaign."

Instead, the JS of Massachusetts will seek a fifth six-year term in the Senate in 2008. He made the announcement on the Senate floor, where he almost broke down.

Gosh, it feels like some sort of farewell to a political era, when the Repubs could say whatever lie they wanted and get away with it, and a hello to a new period, where the Democrats now have the upper hand and can, but choose not to, say, "We told you so." And he has to leave the scene so as not to keep reminding us of the way things were. It's the right thing to do, John Kerry. Sort of like following in the footsteps an Al Gore, except that you didn't win the popular vote (or so the Ohioans say).

Most memorable line ever spoken by Kerry (in 1971, re Vietnam):
"How do you ask a man to be the last person to die for a mistake?"

Ted Kennedy went on the record that he was going to support a Kerry run in 2008. Whom is he for now?

There's Clinton, Obama, Edwards...

Richardson? I may have to withdraw my thumbs-up of him, b/c there are signs he's not had the wisdom to surround himself w/ a good support team. If at this late a date in the race, he still hasn't gotten professional about a presidential campaign, then it's a sign he's not that serious about the presidency. The talking heads are right — he's running for the vice-presidency. Baah!

Hillary, let's have that conversation.