let's give credit where credit is due

The other night, Katie Couric opened her newscast with a report on declining cancer rates in the country. The most noticeable decline was seen in colorectal cancer, and the experts attribute the result to earlier detection, as in from getting a colonoscopy done. Dr. LaPook, the resident doctor of CBS Evening News, didn't want to embarrass Katie, but it was definitely the "Couric Effect" that was responsible for the improved numbers.

If you remember, Katie Couric's husband Jay Monahan died in 1998 of colon cancer, and in March 2000, she broadcast her colonoscopy on the Today Show to encourage people to get the up-your-ass procedure. Doctors lauded that public effort of hers, although there were people who thought it was inappropriate for an early morning show.

I may not like the way she delivers the news, but I have to admit that she has done quite a lot of good. So Ms. Couric, kudos to you!