Michelle Marie Sorro quits The Apprentice

That's this week's twist. Michelle, who was so sure of being fired, quit in the boardroom! She didn't get along with her colleagues, she didn't embrace being given the PM position as most apprentices would have, she was the most indecisive project manager there ever was, and she was so scared of the prospect of hearing Donald Trump tell her "Michelle, you're fired!" that she just quit.

It was great strategy, if I may say so myself. I wasn't fired; I resigned! Three minutes before Donald Trump was about to fire me, I quit. And she gave her teammates a scare too. Was Mr. Trump so committed to uttering "You're fired!" at least once a week that he would terminate one of her remaining teammates? Nah, it would have messed up the show's trajectory...

Anyway, Miss Sorro has published a book titled The Voice of Gratitude: Celebrating the Gift of Friendship.