news you may have missed over the holidays

1. death of former president Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

2. death of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul

3. hanging of Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity (the killings of 148 Shi'ite villagers from Dujail after an assassination attempt on him in 1982)

4. arrest of Mike Tyson in Scottsdale, AZ, for cocaine possession and DUI -- he was driving a Beemer

5. marriage of former supermodel Nikki Taylor and NASCAR driver Burney Lamar -- she's 31, he's 26; her second, his first; she has 11-year-old twin boys from her previous marriage to former football player Matt Martinez

6. addition of one mile to Liechtenstein's border - the country of 35,000 is ruled by Prince Hans-Adam II (I know my royals cold!)

7. withdrawal of Sasha Cohen from US Figure Skating Championships
- the Olympic silver medalist won't be showing up in Spokane later this month

8. China bans old, depressed, single and/or obese foreigners from adopting -- Americans worry about having to have a Body Mass Index of under 40, but the marriage rule is pretty tough on the Swedes

9. FDA okays food from cloned cows and pigs
* Ben & Jerry’s wants you to know that its ice cream comes from regular cows and not clones. The B&J label already says its farmers don’t use bovine growth hormone.

10. impending divorce of Michael Jordan and wife Juanita after 17 years of marriage