pasta yummy, but raw food healthier

Hinoichi tofu is on sale at Ralph's (99 cents) but instead of stocking up on it by the dozen as I normally would, I grabbed just two bricks before dashing over to the dry pasta aisle. One nice thing about being on a budget is that I have a financially necessary reason to eat flour-based noodles, w/c I hadn't allowed myself at all in years past.

A few weeks ago, I thought I had found the holy grain [sic] in Barilla Plus multi-grain spaghetti which contains ALA Omega-3. Listed among its ingredients are semolina and a grain-and-legume flour blend (lentils, chickpeas, oats, spelt, barley, egg whites, ground flaxseed and wheat fibers). That reads healthy! The taste is fine if you're not too picky, and you have to cook it for 10 minutes.

Then it was Ronzoni's turn to be on sale. The list of ingredients for its Healthy Harvest line is less impressive (durum whole wheat flour and semolina blend, wheat fiber), but it tastes better and has that earth-brown hue that deludes you into thinking it's more natural (like brown eggs being thought of as healthier than white eggs, though the experts insist they're the same). Cooks in 6 minutes.

Regardless of the brand, and of the joy I derive from twirling noodles, I look forward to the day when I have no excuse to eat pasta anymore. Think of the inches those carbohydrates are adding to my waistline. The same way I promised to give up cheeseburgers as soon as I could, I promise to be good and exclusively eat raw food ordered in from Rawvolution as soon as I can afford it.