President Ford is finally laid to rest

"How mighty is the hand that can turn a page of history..."
-- House chaplain Daniel Coughlin

The service at the National Cathedral yesterday was engrossing. Barely paid attention when Reagan died... Unstressful to see Ford being held up not as the epitome of Republicanism, but as an unassuming, decent American.

He specified before his death that he didn't want the traditional horse-drawn carriage transporting his body through the capital.

was an Eagle Scout, a Navy man

His casket was laid on the same bier used by Abe Lincoln 141 years ago.

Have to give props to Bush 41 for doing an impression of Dana Carvey -- during a eulogy! ‘Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.’ Only a senior statesman of his stature could pull it off.

Bush 43's body language was so arrogant. It's a funeral. Can't he at least bow his head and not splay his chest out?

Days ago, Hastert's speechwriter supplied these words: the summer of 1974, America didn’t need a philosopher-king or a warrior-prince, an aloof aristocrat or a populist firebrand. We needed a healer; we needed a rock. We needed honesty, candor and courage. We needed Gerald Ford.

Yesterday, Tom Brokaw:
"Farewell Mr. President. Thank you, Citizen Ford."

He's back home in Grand Rapids on the grounds of his presidential museum.

living former presidents now only three