the rape of Dakota Fanning

The Sundance Film Festival opens on Thursday, and already everyone's focus is on 12-year-old Dakota Fanning's rape scene in Hounddog, a film written, directed and produced by Deborah Kampmeier. Robin Wright Penn is an executive producer and also has an acting role as Stranger Lady.

Fanning plays Lewellen, a girl from the South who relies on Elvis Presley's music to cheer herself up after what she's suffered.

According to this article, a member of the crew divulged that the controversial scene lasts one minute and that "it's shot above the shoulders, using Dakota's facial expressions to tell the story." There are other scenes where she's shown with little clothing on.

The mother of the child actress has been accused of pushing her daughter to do it in the hopes of winning an Oscar. The girl is precocious; I'll withhold judgment till I see the movie.