vanden Heuvel on George's show this morning. that woman annoyingly keeps repeating verbatim statements she's practiced beforehand. is that how she got to be summa cum laude at Princeton? adds nothing original or even substantive to the discussion. George Will doesn't bother engaging her anymore. Fareed finally indulged her and explained what was wrong with her solitary talking point, w/c had to do w/ congressional assertiveness and the people's will, of w/c she has a hagiographic opinion. gosh, i can't remember what Fareed said... i was just like, you go Fareed, show that muff how to articulate intelligently

i guess there's a dearth of women they can put on the Sunday talk shows. they have to make do with Cokie Roberts and Victoria Clarke. and they can't invite Claire Shipman w/out her husband Jay Carney in tow. to be honest, i don't frickin' care if the panel is composed of all men, as long as they're insightful. it's such a waste of my time to tune in and see these women looking nice and having good diction, but not really providing any sort of edification

Arnie was also a guest on the show. i have to confess that watching Pumping Iron changed my dismissive opinion of him. scared the bejesus out of me, but i also realize that megalomaniacs have a choice of channeling their drive into either good or evil. Hitler decided to exterminate Jews, Fidel to help the poor and oppressed of Cuba and Africa. i atheistically pray that this Austrian oak, despite blatant evidence of racism and sexism, has some moral decency at his core. otherwise, we're all in deep shit