surge, escalation -- whatever!

You think the American Dialect Society made the wrong choice in annointing "plutoed" 2006 Word of the Year? Among the runners-up were macaca, murse (a man's purse) and surge (increase in troops).

I've never heard "plutoed" used in conversation and can't imagine someone saying, "Hey, you've been plutoed." or "Did he get plutoed?" Doesn't roll off the tongue.

However, "macaca" did dominate the news in 2006, and "surge" is the catchword of the moment. The WaPo reports that that is what the president will be proposing today in his speech about Iraq. Pelosi's been trying to replace it with the word "escalation," w/c itself was a euphemism used by LBJ during the Vietnam era.

What do I think about the plans for a temporary increase in troops? Useless. Doesn't matter how many of the king's men or horses you call in, once Humpty Dumpty is broken, he can't be put back together again.