switching over to the new Blogger

I still don't get how Google could have taken the new Blogger out of beta when there are so many kinks in it still. Sure, there are many positive things about it. Publishing feels instantaneous. And it's easier to add and rearrange Page Elements without having to deal with the underlying HTML. But the bugs... For example:

Certain quick-edit links remain after you turn the option off. I switched it off in Settings, and it did make the quick-edit pencils disappear from the posts, but the sidebar and footer were still showing links for widget editing even after I had logged off. I tried it both in IE and Firefox, even cleared my cookies and browsing history, but they wouldn't go away no matter how much I tinkered. So I looked over the raw template code (make sure to Expand Widget Templates) and finally decided I had to take out every b:include name='quickedit'.

In the Add and Arrange Page Elements section, right after you've edited a page element, the Edit link disappears. You can only make it reappear by leaving that page and then returning. I've heard of this problem some time back from others when New Blogger was in beta, but it's yet to be fixed.

Anyway, the biggest disappointment is the fact that you still can't publish a New Blogger customized template to an external FTP site.

If you're a beginner blogger and still deciding between Blogger and Wordpress, by all means, go to Wordpress!