we want Martha Raddatz! give us Martha!

finally a consensus:
we like seeing Martha Raddatz on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

the woman's no-nonsense

a deserving winner of Emmy Awards

November 2005
took over from Terry Moran as ABC News Chief White House Correspondent

June 2006
the first to break the news that Zarqawi had been killed in a US air strike north of Baghdad

January 9, 2007
cell-phone ringtone revealed to be Chamillionaire's "Ridin'"
Tony Snow: "Play that funky music, white girl."

if my abhorrence of Charles Gibson didn't outweigh my admiration for Martha, i'd tune in to the ABC World News in the evening to catch her. but as things stand, we'll have to settle for her expertise on Sundays

put her on more, George S! we'll have none of that spinning puppet Torie Clarke or that memorizer Vanden Heuvel or that Southern belle Cokie Roberts (she'll do if MS is not available). while you're at it, can you cut Jay Carney's umbilical cord to his wife Claire Shipman?

thank you!