2006-2007 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl

the National Football League's all-star game

the final football game of the NFL season

date : February 10, 2007
place : Aloha Stadium in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii

every year since 1980

TV schedule

channel : live on CBS
kickoff time : airing at 6 p.m. ET

Brian Urlacher suffered a toe injury in the Super Bowl and will not be playing in the Pro Bowl.



asterisk (*) = rookie


Player Team Position
Palmer, Carson Cincinnati Bengals QB
Manning, Peyton-s Indianapolis Colts QB
Rivers, Philip-i San Diego Chargers QB
*Young, Vince Tennessee Titans QB
Neal, Lorenzo-s San Diego Chargers FB
Johnson, Larry Kansas City Chiefs RB
Parker, Willie Pittsburgh Steelers RB
Tomlinson, LaDainian-s San Diego Chargers RB
Johnson, Chad-s Cincinnati Bengals WR
Johnson, Andre-s Houston Texans WR
Harrison, Marvin Indianapolis Colts WR
Wayne, Reggie Indianapolis Colts WR
Gonzalez, Tony Kansas City Chiefs TE
Gates, Antonio-s San Diego Chargers TE
Saturday, Jeff-s Indianapolis Colts C
Hardwick, Nick San Diego Chargers C
Shields, Will-s Kansas City Chiefs G
Waters, Brian Kansas City Chiefs G
Faneca, Alan-s Pittsburgh Steelers G
Ogden, Jonathan-s Baltimore Ravens T
*McNeill, Marcus-i San Diego Chargers T
Glenn, Tarik-i Indianapolis Colts T
Kaeding, Nate San Diego Chargers K
Miller, Justin New York Jets KR
Schobel, Aaron-s Buffalo Bills DE
Taylor, Jason-s Miami Dolphins DE
Burgess, Derrick Oakland Raiders DE
Seymour, Richard-i New England Patriots DT
Henderson, John Jacksonville Jaguars DT
Hampton, Casey Pittsburgh Steelers DT
Williams, Jamal-s San Diego Chargers DT
Scott, Bart Baltimore Ravens ILB
Wilson, Al-i Denver Broncos ILB
Thomas, Zach Miami Dolphins ILB
Suggs, Terrell Baltimore Ravens OLB
Thomas, Adalius-s Baltimore Ravens OLB
Merriman, Shawne-s San Diego Chargers OLB
McAlister, Chris Baltimore Ravens CB
Bailey, Champ-s Denver Broncos CB
Mathis, Rashean-s Jacksonville Jaguars CB
Reed, Ed-s Baltimore Ravens FS
Lynch, John Denver Broncos FS
Polamalu, Troy-s Pittsburgh Steelers SS
Binn, David-s San Diego Chargers LS
Moorman, Brian Buffalo Bills P
Osgood, Kassim San Diego Chargers ST


Player Team Position
Romo, Tony Dallas Cowboys QB
Brees, Drew-s New Orleans Saints QB
Bulger, Marc St. Louis Rams QB
Strong, Mack-s Seattle Seahawks FB
Barber, Tiki New York Giants RB
Gore, Frank-s San Francisco 49ers RB
Jackson, Steven St. Louis Rams RB
Boldin, Anquan Arizona Cardinals WR
Smith, Steve-s Carolina Panthers WR
Driver, Donald Green Bay Packers WR
Holt, Torry-i St. Louis Rams WR
Williams, Roy Detroit Lions WR
Crumpler, Alge-s Atlanta Falcons TE
Shockey, Jeremy-i New York Giants TE
Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys TE
Kreutz, Olin-s Chicago Bears C
Birk, Matt Minnesota Vikings C
Hutchinson, Steve-s Minnesota Vikings G
Brown, Ruben Chicago Bears G
Andrews, Shawn-i Philadelphia Eagles G
Allen, Larry San Francisco 49ers G
Brown, Jammal-s New Orleans Saints T
Adams, Flozell Dallas Cowboys T
Jones, Walter-s Seattle Seahawks T
Samuels, Chris Washington Redskins T
Gould, Robbie Chicago Bears K
*Hester, Devin Chicago Bears KR
Peppers, Julius-s Carolina Panthers DE
Kampman, Aaron Green Bay Packers DE
Smith, Will-s New Orleans Saints DE
Jenkins, Kris Carolina Panthers DT
Harris, Tommie-i Chicago Bears DT
Williams, Pat Minnesota Vikings DT
Williams, Kevin-s Minnesota Vikings DT
Urlacher, Brian-i Chicago Bears ILB
Pierce, Antonio N.Y. Giants MLB
Tatupu, Lofa Seattle Seahawks ILB
Briggs, Lance-i Chicago Bears OLB
Brooks, Derrick Tampa Bay Buccaneers OLB
Ware, DeMarcus-s Dallas Cowboys OLB
Peterson, Julian Seattle Seahawks OLB
Hall, DeAngelo-s Atlanta Falcons CB
Sheppard, Lito Philadelphia Eagles CB
Barber, Ronde-s Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB
Wilson, Adrian-s Arizona Cardinals SS
Williams, Roy Dallas Cowboys SS
Dawkins, Brian-i Philadelphia Eagles FS
Taylor, Sean Washington Redskins FS
McBriar, Mat Dallas Cowboys P
Ayanbadejo, Brendon Chicago Bears ST

Football positions abbreviations:
QB = quarterback
FB = fullback
RB = running back
WR = wide receiver
TE = tight end
C = center
G = guard
T = tackle
K = kicker
KR = kick returner (kick return specialist)
DE = defensive end
DT = defensive tackle
ILB = inside linebacker
MLB = middle linebacker
OLB = outside linebacker
CB = cornerback
FS = free safety
SS = strong safety
LS = long snapper
P = punter
ST = special teamer