2007 Westminster's Best In Show winner: James

131st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
February 13, 2007
Madison Square Garden

The Best in Show trophy was awarded to...

"Ch Felicity's Diamond Jim," a.k.a. "James"
an English Springer Spaniel of the Sporting Group

a dog, not a bitch

AKC: SN 75321403
Date of Birth: June 08, 2000
Breeder: Teresa Patton & Ruth Dehmel
Sire: Ch Telltale Davey Jones
Dam: Ch Rendition Autumn Fire Poppy
Owner: Teresa Patton & Allen Patton & R Dehmel & D Hadsall

Bill Cosby's Dandie Dinmont terrier Harry (named after the prince) did not win... Cosby's non-appearance was for naught after all.

James, or Diamond Jim, got the SILVER BOWL. And tomorrow, after his "interviews" with all the morning shows and television networks, he will enjoy steak tartare on a silver platter at Sardi's during the annual Dog Fanciers Club luncheon.

The USA Network and David Frei of the Westminster Kennel Club will host a live TV satellite media tour during the luncheon.

February 14, 2007
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Sardi’s Restaurant (Eugenia Room)
234 West 44th Street
New York City, NY
in the heart of the theater district

sold out already


Spot Fetcher (1989–2004)
- pet of Dubya Bush

Millie (1985–1997)
- pet of George H. W. Bush
- full name: Mildred Kerr Bush
- mother of Spot Fetcher

Milie's Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush (1992)

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