$85,000 per second of Super Bowl ad time

Why do I watch the Super Bowl when I have to look up what KO RET stands for? To see the commercials, of course. Companies paid $85,000 for each second of our eyeballs' attention.

I DID NOT LIKE the Snickers commercial and most of what came from Sierra Mist and Budweiser. They say this proves that I may not be a man, after all.

But I did enjoy the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-Series truck ads as well as General Motors' “Robot Suicide,” w/c I thought was blah till the very last seconds. Chevy HHR w/ the shirtless men polishing the car was okay.

GoDaddy had another big-boobs ad. They managed to sign up Danica Patrick and could have used her fame to graduate from sophomoric T&A ads. But, no... Bob Parsons has that greasy look that says he's a man fixated on mammaries.

Garmin's “Ultraman vs. the Roadmap Monster” and Emerald Nuts' “Robert Goulet Messes with Your Stuff” were weird, but made us chuckle. Coca-Cola Grand Theft Auto was cool, as are most of the Coke ads. E-Trade got its point across.

As for the much-covered ideas from amateurs, the only one I found even slightly funny was the Doritos Crash.


Martha Stewart, Janet Reno, Jimmy Fallon and David Beckham all together for Chad Johnson's Super Bowl party

Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman (Chicago v. Indianapolis) on the couch


“Federline! I Need Those Fries!” for Nationwide Investments
starring K-Fed, the Kevin who ejaculated on Britney Spears and produced her children

The place to watch all the Super Bowl commercials, yesterday's and the classic ads, is ifilm.com/superbowl.