Flash: Katie Couric gave a good newscast!

Katie Couric finally seems to have produced a newscast that I have no major problems with. Watching last night’s show this morning, I didn’t notice any distracting verbal slip on her part or any of her colleagues.

I was also glad it was not her but Wyatt Andrews who did the “American Spirit” segment, w/c featured an edifying story about how seniors in Florida are not placed in nursing homes, but in supported public housing, to everyone’s benefit.

Opening w/ the autism report was a bit iffy, but it was a slow news day and Couric's really into health and children. Nice to see you back in top form, Doctor LaPook! The partial shot of you within the story was unobtrusive, and your brow was smooth. (Botox?)

There was an article in Time’s January 22 issue questioning what the higher rates of autism really mean. But it was certainly nice to see a father so happy that his daughter was doing well.