For Doctor Lapook

Hey, Doc, I don't know how much longer I can critique you since I'm now working longer hours that may require I cut the CBS Evening News from my schedule.

Did just want to mention that you looked your best talking with Katie today — relaxed, etc. You should look like that all the time!

As for the piece... I have to say that I burst out laughing when I saw that first shot of you trying to express sympathy. (Now I know you're not having Botox injected since you really were able to scrunch up your face.)

Just a quirky preference on my part: I don't like seeing too much of you within the story. But your media consultants must have a better idea of what most normal viewers like. Is your goal like... to eventually get your own show? Why not come out with a book? Like Oz and Roizen's...

Sharyn Alfonsi is so cute... and competent. Is it true she was the inspiration for Darby Shaw in John Grisham's The Pelican Brief?