Happy Pancake Day! (Mardi Gras)

It's Shrove Tuesday, the the day after Rose Monday and before Ash Wednesday. Say what? It's MARDI GRAS, French for Fat Tuesday. The Anglicans in Canada call it Pancake Day, b/c they traditionally eat pancakes on this day.

Shrove is short for shrovetide (the three days before the start of Lent: Shrove Sunday, Shrove Monday and Shrove Tuesday).

confessing one's sins before Lent during the Middle Ages

martedì grasso in Italian

fatten up in preparation for the abstinence required during Lent

Farewell to meat!

Mardi Gras in New Orleans "the greatest free show on earth." Tourists within the French Quarter, especially Bourbon Street.

James Gandolfini crowned Bacchus XXXIX
ruler at Carnival Krewe’s ball
rode in last Sunday's parade

- groups that put on costumes and parade during Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Indians
- mostly African-Americans in Native American costumes

the key to Rio De Janeiro was handed days ago to Rei Momo, the king of carnivals that each city has, to jumpstart the festivities