Happy Presidents' Day!


official designation: Washington's birthday

1880, federal offices started celebrating Washington's birthday

* the first federal holiday to honor an American

1971, date moved to the third Monday in February

Washington's birthday celebration dubbed Presidents' Day by many to also honor Abraham Lincoln's birth on February 12

how exactly did we get from Washington and Lincoln to a Presidents' Day honoring all of 'em? had nothing to do with Nixon. MARKETERS. would you rather go into stores and take advantage of sales on Washington's Birthday or Presidents' Day?

in Alabama, it's Washington-Jefferson Day (as in Thomas I hope; still got something vs Lincoln, eh?)

born February 11, 1731 (Julian calendar)
= February 22, 1732 (Gregorian calendar)

My favorite presidents:

LBJ - sure, there was Vietnam, but he cared about the poor; and his ego wasn't so big to insist on running for reelection

US Grant - a drunk like me, but kindhearted and competent when it mattered

JQA - eloquent and firm in his convictions

S. Grover Cleveland - i love my Sesame Street

don't like Polk or Pierce or TR or Gamaliel or RR
hate Dubya