Hey, Doctor LaPook!

why the furrow on your glabella last night?

the story was good: the content, the choice to put that lady from Niagara Falls on, the appropriate tone of your voice-over (it was even and not distracting)... and the fact that you didn't personally make an appearance w/in the story kept the focus on the content

PR people might say the more airtime you get the better for your familiarity index, but viewers are less attentive to the point a story is making if the presenter is someone they "know" — they become more interested in following you rather than the content (is your goal to be informative first or to be more famous?)

appearing afterwards and having a tête-à-tête with Katie is the thing to do. but last night you were different... hasn't anyone told you that your usual demeanor is perfect already? you normally strike the right balance b/w affability and professionalism... but last night, you were weird!

They're not trying to replace you with SG, are they?