Katie Couric still the Brand New Kid

Did anyone else catch Katie Couric last night traipsing through tornado debris in Central Florida in strappy black HEELS? And with her hair pulled back, she looked like a little girl next to Byron Pitts.

It was a relief when she left the screen and was replaced by Sharyn Alfonsi (who has a knack for always dressing appropriately) and then by Russ Mitchell (who never commits verbal slip-ups).

Miss Couric did get to interview Florida's new governor Crist, who was dealing w/ his first major natural disaster. (Everyone wants to talk to Katie!) But the reason she was even in Florida was to cover the Super Bowl, w/c as she reminded us has been a Level 1 National Security Event since 9/11. Okay...

Just when I thought I was getting used to her anchoring style, she does this sort of egregious stuff again. So is it time to switch to NBC and Brian Williams like the rest of the country?

Well, you have to give the girl points for her indomitable spirit. We've all been piling up on her, but she still starts the newscast with, "Hi, everyone..." God, how did the suits let her get away with it???