read Pick Up Stix reviews at yelp

Aren't the Pick Up Stix commercials clever? The recent one with the dragon was interesting enough to get me to look up the restaurant. The tagline at their website is Fresh Asian Kitchen. Anything but ordinary... They have locations in California, Arizona and Nevada.

So I visited to see what people who've tried it thought of it. PUS got so-so reviews. They say it's like Panda Express, but at a higher price. Oh, well.

But the advertising campaign is effective, no? It's by Meadsdurket (Gary Meads and Tony Durket) in San Diego. What I don't get though is why the PickUp Stix website itself does not have the print ads and TV spots; there's nothing but two low-resolution images for visitors to download. No screensaver? No print-out coupons?