save planet earth and win $25 million with virgin

Richard Branson is offering a $25 million prize for the first person to come up with a way of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Al Gore was with him during the announcement, so I guess that means our former veep is disqualified.

As for the criticism that Branson is being hypocritical b/c he's an airline owner and his planes dump pollutants into the air, I do agree with him when he says that if he were to ground his planes, another company would simply move in and do the same. At least, he's concerned about the issue; others, like our president and his cohorts, couldn't care less.

Richard Branson
born 1950 in Surrey, England
founder of the Virgin Group

1970, began selling records by mail order
1973, launched Virgin Records

signed the Sex Pistols, Phil Collins and Boy George

Virgin Atlantic airways
Virgin Megastores
Virgin Mobile

1986, fastest crossing ever of the Atlantic Ocean on his boat Virgin Atlantic Challenger II

1987, the first to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon in his Virgin Atlantic Flyer

1999, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II


Losing My Virginity (autobiography)

Screw It, Let's Do It

The Rebel Rules (foreword only)