high praise for Martha Raddatz's book

Martha Raddatz was on This Week this morning, and George Stephanopoulos gave her book The Long Road Home a ringing endorsement! He said it was "terrific." Martha looked so pleased. Her first book, it is about a crucial battle in Iraq in 2004 and also follows up on the American soldiers who fought it coming home. I wish so much I had time to read it.

Another recap of her career highlights, for those of you not familiar with Martha Raddatz.

winner of Emmy Awards

November 2005
took over from Terry Moran as ABC News Chief White House Correspondent

June 2006
the first to break the news that Zarqawi had been killed in a US air strike north of Baghdad

January 9, 2007
cell-phone ringtone revealed to be Chamillionaire's "Ridin'"

- - -

I thought I heard George Will use the pronoun "him" for Ann Coulter.

George S has a cough. If I could afford it, I'd send him some tea. He is precious and needs to be treated with great care, his voice especially.