Revver changes for the better

Finally, Revver is changing the way it counts views!

People would write me about how my touting of a video's popularity didn't seem to be supported by the number of views shown. Well, that's because Revver used to only show the number of completed views. If for some reason, you decided not to watch to the last seconds of a video ("There's no time left for her to take her top off. What a waste of my time.") and leave the page, that wasn't counted as a view.

Sometimes you watch a video on YouTube that's 7:54 minutes long, and a minute into it, you've already had enough. The counter says it's had 1,064,379 views and you wonder, "A million people were able to sit through 8 minutes of this???" Nope. The video automatically started upon their arrival on the page. And even if after just a few seconds they decided to close the browser, that's still considered a view.

When you now watch on, the video automatically starts as it does on YouTube, without waiting for you to press the start button. There's also the addition of a full-screen button.

The RSS feed is better. It used to link to Quicktime mov files that took forever to load. Now, it links to the video's detail page on

- - -

There are so many other things Revver has to improve, but the one that really gets my goat is that we can't do anything on our profile page — we can't even post our own photos! I am currently represented by the silhouette of a man's head with a full shock of hair.