Attention L.A. Subway Riders

I was planning on going to Little Tokyo by downtown tomorrow, but the Civic Center is my stop, and I don't want the stress of being part of this security exercise, even if the search is optional.

Saturday, April 28, 6am – 12 noon Only

Metro, in conjunction with federal, state and local law enforcement authorities, will conduct a rail security training exercise at Union Station on Saturday, April 28 between the hours of 6am – 12 noon.

We are advising customers that uniformed law enforcement and transit security personnel will board trains and conduct a simulated search exercise. Customers may either participate in the exercise or not participate. Should customers choose to participate in the exercise, law enforcement/transit security personnel will request these customers to place their respective carry on bags onto the center aisle. Only the carry on items in the center aisle will be part of the exercise and only these items will be searched.

The exercise will involve Metro Red/Purple and Gold Line trains traveling to Union Station. Customers should allow 5 minutes additional time and expect delays.
  • Eastbound Metro Red / Purple Line trains arriving at Civic Center Station will be held an additional 5 minutes as part of the security training exercise
  • Southbound Metro Gold Line trains arriving at Chinatown Station will be to be held an additional 5 minutes as part of the security training exercise
Metro realizes the inconvenience all customers will face during this period. We ask for your patience and understanding.

This is the exit at 7th and Figueroa. Diagonal from there is the 7+Fig shopping center at Ernst & Young Plaza. Two blocks east on Seventh Street is Macy's, the center of downtown's lousiest customer service.