DVD Marathon: Happy Feet

Watched the DVD of Happy Feet last night. Not many extras. There's a scene they completed of the late Steve Irwin voicing an albatross. (In the movie, he has just a short bit as an elephant seal.) Then a segment with Savion Glover, whose tap steps were motion-captured for Mumble's dancing; they don't show the actual mo-cap process...

Aside from those, there's a short blah clip of Memphis the father penguin treating his son like a soccer ball and music videos of Gia Farrell's "Hit Me Up" and Prince's "The Song of the Heart." But the DVD is worth having if only for the songs within the movie itself.

They released two separate audio CDs: the original score and the soundtrack. The latter is the one that contains Brittany Murphy's cover of "Boogie Wonderland," Robin Williams's "My Way (a Mi Manera)," Pink's "Tell Me Something Good," the Beach Boys' "Do It Again," and the Nicole Kidman / Hugh Jackman mash-up of "Kiss" and "Heartbreak Hotel."

The leopard seal still scared the bejesus out of me, the way the whale did in Finding Nemo and the cars did in Cars. I don't wince at the gore in action movies b/c you expect that. But when you go watch an animated feature for kids, you don't want your heart jumping out of your chest. Ban these frightful scenes! I hear children cry out in fear in the theaters.

The Spanish-speaking penguins? Blue penguins aka little penguins (Eudyptula minor), the smallest species there is.