Why you might want to buy a CD

I don't remember the last time I bought a music CD and I doubt I'll ever buy one ever again. This sentiment must be shared by a lot of people. But Nine Inch Nails has marketed their latest album "Year Zero" in such a way that people want to go and buy it, not as individual song downloads but on a hard CD.

Months ago, they started creating buzz around the theme "I Am Trying to Believe." Among other things, they left USB drives containing different tracks in bathrooms in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester. After they were found, the songs made their way to the internet where it became cool to listen to them.

But what's gotten people to want to buy the actual, physical CD after it was released last week is the fact that it's a thermo-chrome disc. Fresh out of the jewel case, it appears mostly black, but after it's been subjected to heat inside a player, it turns white.