Adam Sandler's Ode to Bob Barker

10 miles on the bike watching the recording of Thursday's night Bob Barker special. It was possibly the happiest hour of television I've ever seen.

In Triple Play, Noah from Temecula won not one, not two, but three cars — including a Cadillac. Nicole won $25,000 in Half Off. Robert also had a chance to win $100,000 in Plinko, but ended up with a few thou. In the Showcase Showdown, Nicole ended up with $110,000 though she underbid by $30,000.

They showed all the highlights from The Price is Right. Yolanda's top came off as she was running to come on down. Falls, spills, Bob kicking the contraptions, Samoan women lifting him up, running after him, contestants having a hard time spinning the wheel... So many kisses — from men too and a 96-year-old woman. Another old woman on Contestants' Row told Bob: I had a dream "you were chasing me in the hayloft." One really dumb contestant looked at the prizes up for grabs and declared, "I don't need any of them."

There was of course a short biography of Bob. As a child he dreamed of pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals, but didn't have the talent. He was a naval aviator, and when he got his wings, he married his high-school sweetheart Dorothy Jo. His fist radio job was in college hosting an audience-participation show.

In 1956, the same year as the first Olympics in Australia, Ralph Edwards hired him for Truth or Consequences. (Thursday night, they played the funniest races from the show.) It was taped live, first at the NBC studios at Hollywood and Vine, then at El Capitan. When they moved to Burbank, it was among the first shows on TV to be in color.

BB had a cameo as a cowboy on Bonanza and started The New Price is Right in 1972. The most admirable stance he took must have been in in 1987 when he challenged the use of fur during the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, and quit. (He had been hosting since 1967.) He and his wife were really way ahead of their time.

In the studio, special guests who showed up were CBS honcho Leslie Moonves and... Adam Sandler, who read his poem.

Bob Barker, Bob Barker, such a huge part of our lives
Bob Barker, Bob Barker, the daytime lover of all men's wives
Bob Barker, Bob Barker,
35 years of giving us new cars on The Price is Right
Bob Barker, Bob Barker,
the silver-haired devil who whupped my ass in a fight.
Bob Barker, Bob Barker,
we'll always have the memories of the happiness that you made
So in honor of your retirement, Sir Bob Barker,
I went out and got myself spayed!

If you remember, Sandler in Happy Gilmore had the line, "The Price is wrong, bitch!" Bob Barker then proceeded to beat him to a pulp and concluded, "Now, you've had enough... bitch!"

Bob Barker has won 17 gold Emmy statues in his 50 years on TV.