the difference between Teleflora and FTD?

Someone's asked about the difference between Teleflora and FTD. Gosh...

I mentioned a few months back that I used to work for Teleflora as one of their extra people during Mother's Day, the busiest time of the year for florists. When people would call Teleflora and ask if flowers could be delivered on short notice, the answer was, Yes, of course. But then we who were in charge of locating florists to fulfill those orders knew that flower shops already had more than they could handle in the week before Mother's Day. Many mothers ended up not getting the flowers their children ordered; not on time, at least.

Is FTD the same? I don't know. But Teleflora doesn't think my websites are good enough to promote their products. FTD says my content's not a problem, and that's why I've been promoting them.

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My honest advice? First, try to buy something and hand-deliver it yourself. In another city? Call a local florist. If you can't find one, only then order from a national chain like FTD. Aside from flowers, they've also got gift baskets and gourmet products.