CBS Evening News is Dumbed Down? I Agree!

Have you heard about the hullabaloo over Dan Rather's comments? CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves called them "sexist."

I've never been a fan of Dan Rather's style, and I especially hated his irresponsible reporting of the Killian documents. But he's recently been pilloried for saying CBS had made the mistake of taking the evening news broadcast and "dumbing it down, tarting it up" and "going to celebrity coverage rather than war coverage."

Hell, I loudly second his evaluation! I wasted months watching Katie Couric's broadcast, trying to endure it for the sake of women's solidarity. But one evening I said, "That's it. I can't stand her frivolity anymore!!!!"

I had already dismissed Charles Gibson as a cretin, so the only news anchor left was Brian Williams. Watching his broadcast drove home the point of how vacuous Couric's show was.

Dan Rather gave a frank evaluation. But because he used the word "tart" he's sexist? I hate it when the media latch on to a single word or phrase and make a big deal of it the way they've done to Biden and others. We've got another Emmy-winning host stating as a matter of fact that women get the vapors, yet no one reacts. Which is more egregious? Using a debatably inappropriate word in the context of making a more important point or bald-faced sexism? It's such warped and wanton use of accusatory labels like "sexism" and "racism" that gives political correctness a bad name.

I've encountered real racism and sexism. Telling the truth about how incapable Katie Couric is of delivering hard news is not sexism. To those who are quick to defend her, have you tried sitting through one of her shows? She can barely get through a single newscast without stumbling over her words! The rare occasion she did, I felt compelled to post about it. She should have stuck with the Today show and left open a spot for other, capable female journalists to fill.