June is My Sports Education Month

I usually watch just one hockey game a year. This year I thought I'd make it at least two by watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals. Chris Pronger had been suspended, but the Ducks still won!

Without front teeth and not minding, Chris Neil is scary. I didn't know "embellishment" is an important word in the vocabulary of NHL commentators. Don Cherry has now drilled it into my head that hockey would not be hockey without violence. Tinactin presents Tough Actin' Hits of the Game to highlight all those body slams. And btw, marines.com is a major sponsor of the NHL.

The Canadians were so... congenial. The crowd good-naturedly applauded during the last lines of the Star Spangled Banner. WTF!?!? Alanis Morissette sang both national anthems, but she let the audience finish the last verse of O, Canada. They knew the words and sang out loud!

I'm also planning to let myself watch this month, not just highlights, but hours of actual, full-length games of the NBA Finals, French Open, US Open (golf)... If I'm missing something, let me know!