Paris Hilton on Larry King, Mahalo, YouTube

There's a new search engine called Mahalo, named after the Hawaiian word for "thank you." What's cool about it is that they have editors draw up tailor-made pages for the most popular search results. And if there happens to be a term that they haven't gone around to making a search-result page for (like my name), they simply give you the Google results. In effect, it's like Google Plus.

You can see how cool it is if you try "Paris Hilton." I did and discovered a "Guide Note" on who she is (a Hollywood socialite who starred on Fox's television show, The Simple Life, alongside Nicole Richie) and "Fast Facts." Scanning the editor-chosen website results, I was able to quickly spot The Official Paris Hilton YouTube Channel. On Google, you have to read a bit more. Mahalo provides easy-to-browse sections and even a timeline of her life!

Wasn't Paris so blooming when she finally got released? Lesser makeup reveals she looks like her mom! Her album's been out almost a year already, but whenever I hear "Stars are Blind" I can't help getting up from my seat to shake my booty. Honestly! "Nothing in This World" is another dance-inducing tune; "Turn It Up" I didn't care for much. Yeah, the British reggae band UB40 claim "Stars Are Blind" was ripped off their 1990 song "Kingston Town." Whatever! I can't believe Warner Brothers dropped her. So no more collaborations with Fernando Garibay?

Even though the gods are crazy
Even though the stars are blind
If you show me real love, baby
I'll show you mine

I can make you nice and naughty
Be the devil and angel too
Got a heart and soul and body
Maybe I'm perfect for you


Birthday: February 17, 1981
Birthplace: New York City, New York

the eldest daughter of Richard and Kathy
younger sister Nicky
younger brothers Barron Hilton II and Conrad Hilton III

2006 bio Confessions of an Heiress:
A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose

sentenced to 45 days in jail for probation violation
reported to prison on June 3, 2007
released from prison on June 7, 2007
ordered back to jail June 8, 2007
released from jail June 26, 2007


Los Angeles sheriff Lee Baca testifies Paris was suicidal

The Learning Annex offers Paris Hilton a teaching job

Paris talks to People magazine: "My Time Behind Bars"
- interview at grandfather's Bel Air mansion after hair extensions were replaced
- says she spent time in jail reading the Bible and praying with a nun

People's rival US Weekly vows to keep next edition Hilton-free

Mika Brzezinski makes a big scene about not wanting to lead with a story about Paris Hilton on MSNBC. A lighter was made available for her to use, but she didn't know how to work it. Fortuitously, there was a shredder nearby for her to insert the copy in. Bloggers want her to replace Katie Couric!

9 PM June 27, 2007
interview with Larry King on CNN.... priceless?
can be seen on New Zealand TV live
guest bumped off by Larry King for Paris Hilton: Michael Moore

Can you believe I still haven't seen One Night in Paris in its entirety? Any proof she has veiny boobs?

Anyway, back to Mahalo the search engine. You can draw up a page of search results for them and earn $15. They call it Greenhouse. Not for me though... I'm busy with other income-generating ventures.