El Indisputable Rey del Clay: Rafael Nadal

Great, now I'm in love with the biceps of a 21-year-old kid from Mallorca. Such a potty mouth too. Did you see him mouth "puta" in the first set?

Rafael Nadal has won his third French Open title! That's three consecutive ones. He's only the second hombre since 1914 to win three consecutive French Open titles. Bjorn Borg (ah, a Swede) won the Roland Garros four straight times 1978-81.

Today's fourth set was so awesome it made me wonder why the women are now paid the same for three boring sets. RN is so strong and smart with the drop shots. My only question is: Why does he dominate ONLY on clay? After winning, he climbed up the stands to get to the 55 members of his entourage of friends and family from Mallorca, including his coach, his Uncle Toni. (They said Gasol was in the crowd but I didn't spot him.) For the first time in 12 years, I heard my beloved Marcha Nacional. Nadal gnawed at the silver chalice.

Get this: Federer was so pissed over ending up with the thin silver tray that he wouldn't even grant Bud Collins an interview. The old man managed to greet Rafa with "Muy bien jugado" and closed the interview by calling him "El Rey del Clay." The boy was only slightly amused.

La Coupe des mousquetaires (named in honor of the Four Muskeeteers — Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet et René Lacoste) was presented by Gustavo Kuerten, the clay-angel guy who wore that shirt "Je (Heart) Roland Garros" back in 2001. Guga the Brazilian spoke in French!

Other trivia: Rafael Nadal is naturally right-handed but plays left-handed. Nadal has never played a 5th set at the French Open; he has won all his 21 matches there. I think he was eyeing the flat-chested ball girl (the blonde one); he even thanked the ball boys and girls in his acceptance speech!

BTW, does John McEnroe make Mary Carillo nervous or what? Tune him out, girl!

I shall now attempt to send good vibes to Lebron and the Cavs while doing some computer work.