Sam Alexis - Tiger Woods's first child, a daughter

What is it about athletes' babies popping out or threatening to pop out right when their fathers are at crucial competitions? Lebron James's girlfriend gave birth to Bryce Maximus the night before the Cavs' life-or-death game against the Spurs. And the next celebrity baby from the production line is...

Tiger's. His wife Elin managed to wait until the day after Tiger was done (!) at the US Open, but those paternal hormones were probably raging already. You've read about recent studies on how fathers undergo physical changes when the women they've impregnated and live with are about to become mothers?

birthday: 1 January 1980
birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
  • a nanny for Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik in 2001
  • has a twin sister , Josefin
  • did modeling including bikini photoshoots, but never posed nude
  • her mother Barbro Holmberg served as Sweden's migration minister
  • married Eldrick in Barbados on 5 October 2004

(Tiger Woods's former longtime girlfriend Joanna Jagoda with whom he broke up in 2001 is now working as a lawyer with Keesal, Young & Logan in Long Beach.)

first daughter Sam Alexis Woods
birthday: June 18th, 2007
birthplace: a hospital somewhere