107th US Open winner: Angel Cabrera the Duck

I skipped the US Open yesterday. There's the British Open in July and the PGA Championship in August, so I still have a few chances to watch a round of golf. It is called a round, right?

Your Spanish lesson for the day: El Pato. The Duck. That's the nickname of Angel Cabrera who gave Argentina its first major championship in 40 years. He's the first Argentine ever to win the US Open.

Cash prize: $1.26 million

five-year exemption on the PGA Tour

10-year exemption into the US Open

five-year exemption into the Masters, British Open, P.G.A. Championship and Players Championship

He smokes. The other professional golfers have sports psychologists; he has his cigarettes.

Who was the last US-born player to win the US Open?

I was watching the highlights and couldn't help but notice how inhumanly chiseled Tiger's body was. The commentators said he played like he wasn't even aware of how strong he was. (His shots were always going past their targets.) I'm so tempted to say it must be steroids, but it's Tiger Woods, right? He's number-one in the world. He wouldn't take illegal substances. But do they even conduct testing?